University of Ioannina, PC 45110, Greece
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Scope of course: Aim of the course "Advances in intensive Care Medicine" is the gain of advance skills and expertise in specific issues regarding to Intensive Care Medicine.


  1. Monitoring of respiratory system in critically ill patients. (gas exchange, monitoring of mechanical properties of the respiratory system, respiratory center, respiratory muscles and ECHO lung
  2. diagnosis and management of acute and chronic respiratory failure (hypoventilation hypoxia, indications for invasive or non invasive mechanical ventilation, basic principle of mechanical ventilation (modes, compliance, resistance, PEEP) and imaging in ICU
  3. Circulatoring monitory characteristics of a diseased circulatory system, right heart catheterization, ECHO, diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension.
  4. Nutrition of critically ill patients
  5. indications for ICU admission and cost-effectiveness
  6. evidence based medicine in ICU
  7. transplantation: A. brain death, organ protection procedures and difficulties during transplantation.
  8. Refreshment course BLS seminar of basic life support

Form and outcome of the course: the lectures will be addressed to students that choose this course (maximum number of students =30) and will be aim to increase and advance tbasic skills for therapeutic and diagnostic management of critically ill patients

Hours of training per student: 26

Semester: 10th