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Κατατακτήριες εξετάσεις

Supporting documents – Exam period

Students who wish to be admitted to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ioannina should submit the application form and supporting documents from 1st to 15th November of each academic year at the Faculty’s Registrar’s Office.

Supporting documents include:

  • application form, and
  • a copy of the degree or an attestation certifying the successful completion of studies.

Graduates from higher education institutes abroad should also submit an attestation certifying the recognition of their degree by the "Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center (Hellenic NARIC)" or by the relevant competent body.

The qualifying exams take place every year between 1 – 20 December. The examination schedule is announced at least 10 (10) days before the first day of the exams.

Admission quota

The admission quota of qualifying exams for graduates from Universities, Technological Educational Institutes or coequal to those, from the Hellenic ASPETE or from institutions recognised by the Hellenic NARIC, as well as for graduates from two or more cycle studies that fall under the authority of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and other Ministries is defined at 12% of the total number of students admitted every academic year in each Department of Universities, Technological Educational Institutes or the Hellenic ASPETE. Further than that, separate qualifying exams are organized for graduates from Departments of Dentistry who wish to be admitted to a Faculty of Medicine and vice versa, at a separate admission quota of 3% of the total number students admitted at the recipient Department/Faculty.



All the preparation material you need in order to participate in the qualifying exams

For more information with regards to the preparation material for the qualifying exams please contact the relevant laboratories.