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Scope: The physical laws governing the mechanics of fluids in general and biological fluids in particular, are presented. Emphasis is put to the mechanics of blood flow in the vessels with a particular architecture and vessel wall properties. 

A considerable portion of the contents refers to the presentation of blood flow measurement (pressure, velocity, supply) techniques. The physical laws underlying each technique are described, together with its practical implementation, its advantages and disadvantages.

Table of contents: Fluid flowmechanics, blood flowmechanics, blood-vessel mechanics, pressure along blood-vessel network, blood flow measurement techniques (electromagnetic flow meter, Doppler techniques, dilution techniques, plethysmography).

Form of teaching: Seminar type presentations by teams of students working under the guidance of the tutor. To this aim the attendant sarekeptin reasonable numbers.

Hours of training per Student: 26

From the 2nd Semester