University of Ioannina, PC 45110, Greece
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Course Description: Biomedical Technology is the application of electronics in the health sector. It is a vast and complicated field and this course presents only the basic principles of signal transducers and some basic electronic devices found in the outpatient clinic or the hospital.

Course Syllabus: Biological Signals, General characteristics of measurement systems, signal converters, Input - Output, Analog - digital electronics, Conductors, Insulators, Semiconductors, Basic electronic devices, Electrical safety, Special electronic devices (Nuclear electronics, Laser, Optronics, etc), Introduction to nanotechnology, Introduction to Biomedical Technology Management,

Demonstrations in the laboratory: Measuring instruments - oscilloscope, Power suppliers - electrical safety, Sensors

Schedule: Lectures 20 h and laboratory 6 h. Lectures and labtake place every Friday from 12:00 to 14:00.

Textbook: Biomedical Engineering, D. Glaros, J. Leontiou, 1999, University of Ioannina Publications.

Hours of training per Student: 30

Semester: 2nd