University of Ioannina, PC 45110, Greece
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Course overview: To provide students with the necessary knowledge, communication and clinical skills to adequately communicate with the patient and address physical and psychiatric medical problems.

Course content: Issues related to knowledge and skills during patient encounter. Clinical skills related to eliciting medical history, performing physical examination, and writing up a complete medical history. Adequate interpretation of commonly used laboratory and other medical tests as well as performing common medical procedures. Reading / assessing medical files – history / medical records. Brief differential diagnosis. Medical emergencies / first aid procedures.
Completing the course, the student will be able to recognize relevant information to be recorded and elicit this information from the patient. The student will be able to organize medical history in written according to specific instructions and present patient's problems in a hierarchy list. The student will finally be able to apply communication and behavior skills that will facilitate eliciting medical history, medical history presentation, communicating with patient's environment, medical confidentiality, etc

Teaching method and expected outcomes: The course includes both lectures and students' clinical exercise in the Laboratory for Clinical Skills where they will be supervised to perform a number of common clinical procedures including phlebotomy, intramuscular and subcutaneous injections, fundoscopy, urinary catheterization, and trauma cleaning and suturing.

Role playing will take place using simulation models that will facilitate students to learn these skills without stress. Other clinical skills include urine test strip and finger stick glucose monitoring. Evaluation of clinical skills will be mandatory and will take place after the completion of the course.

Hours of training per student: 78

Semester: 4th