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Κινητικότητα φοιτητών

The University of Ioannina has long been leader in international education, with a multitude of international students and programs. Likewise, the Faculty of Medicine reaches beyond Greek borders to promote global diversity in our programs for medical graduates, students and aspiring health care professionals.

We welcome international applicants that come to us through established sponsors or organizations seeking electives, placements, fellowships or professional advancement via pathways that often start with clinical or research electives.

Our mission at the Faculty of Medicine is to help international candidates find the programs that fit their educational and medical career goals, facilitate the successful completion of the application and requirements process, and make every effort – given the increasing requests – to place them in an appropriate department. The incoming students are expected to follow the activities of the visiting Department upon the discretion of the Department Head or Elective Supervisor.

For placements under the Erasmus+ Programme, additional requirements apply. Please contact your local Erasmus+ office.