University of Ioannina, PC 45110, Greece
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Course overview: To familiarize students with the basic concepts of Bioinformatics and its applications in Biomedicine.

Course content: Introduction to Bioinformatics: Basic concepts and applications. Genomics and Functional Genomics: Genome evolution-Phylogenetic analysis- Microarray technology- use in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Databases: Structure and Access. Databases of biomedical literature-human genes, genetic disorders and traits- genomic maps-protein sequences, structures and interactions-functional genomics data. Software tools/resources: Data mining, management, evaluation, selection, visualization and analysis. Multiple alignments of sequences. Retrieval/analysis of gene expression profiles. Prediction of structure, function and localization of biomolecules-construction of molecular models.

Teaching format and learning outcomes: Teaching is implemented through lectures, practical exercises and take-home assignments. Students are expected to have an understanding of the basic theory of Bioinformatics and a good working knowledge of basic bioinformatics tools and biomedical databases. They should know how to mine, manage, evaluate and analyze biomedical data and to make theoretical predictions of potential practical use on topics, such as rational drug design or molecular diagnostics.

Hours of training per student: 26

Year of education : 3rd