University of Ioannina, PC 45110, Greece
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Animal Lab

The Faculty of Medicine Animal Lab operates since 1982, addressing both the teaching and research needs of the University of Ioannina. A number of projects, funded by the University and EU development programmes (STRIDE-Hellas), have secured suitable living conditions for the animals in our Lab.

The lab holds an authorisation to bred (EL33-BIObr01), supply (EL33-BIOsup01) and use animals for experimentation (EL33-BIOexp01) for scientific purposes, according to EU standards.

The main purpose of the University of Ioannina Animal Lab is to “protect the animals used for scientific purposes”, pursuant to the relevant Presidential Decree (56/30-4-2013). Adherence to the above regulations ensures the humane care of the experimental animals, which will lead to the creation of valid experimental animal models and, thus, the development of safe medicines and treatments.

The effective operation of the Animal Lab along with the future units to be established is guaranteed by the harmonious co-operation between the personnel that takes care of the experimental animals and the researchers who will use these live experimental animal models.

The main purpose of this co-operation is the 3Rs-rule: to Reduce (experimental animals), to Replace (experimental animals with alternative methods), and to Refine (better housing & improvements).



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