University of Ioannina, PC 45110, Greece
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Purpose of the course: The knownledge and thorough study of Hospital Infections.

Contents of the course: General principles of Hospital Infections (HIs): Definition, sources and routes of transmission, risk factors. Epidemiology and cost (burden) of HIs. Types of HIs and HIs in special hosts. Rational antibiotics usage policies. Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) microorganisms. Role of Clinical Microbiology Laboratory to infection control. Outbreaks, investigation and implementation of control measures. Surveillance and Infection control. Prevention activities and Hygiene control. Patient's colonization with MDR. Investigation of microbial flora of personnel and hospital environmental.

Course schedule and Outcomes: Teaching in lectures and laboratory exercices. After training, students will be able to identify and investigate Hospital Infections, to apply surveillance strategies, infection control policies and prevention measures.

Hours of training per student: 30

From the 6th Semester