University of Ioannina, PC 45110, Greece
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  1. Pathophysiology of atherosclerotic vascular disease
  2. Pathophysiology and treatment of hypertension
  3. Gout-Osteoporosis
  4. Lipid metabolism and pathophysiology of dyslipidemias
  5. Metabolic syndrome
  6. Disorders of sodium and potassium
  7. Acid-base disorders
  8. Diabetes mellitus (diagnosis, complications, treatment),
  9. Other metabolic diseases (porphyrias, hemochromatosis, Wilson's disease, glucagen storage disease, lipodystrophies, Gaucher's disese)

Teaching: Teaching is provided by 2-hour lectures every week. This elective course is devoted to further understanding of a variety of metabolic diseases, which are very common at the clinical setting. Emphasis is put on atherosclerotic vascular disease and associated main risk factors. Another major topic is acid-base and electrolyte disorders, which are always a challenge for the physician.

Hours of training per student: 26

From the 10th Semester