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Course Objectives: On the grounds of the complexity in issues concerning Medical Law and Bioethics, the course introduces the basic knowledge of the main medico legal concepts.

Course Content: Introduction in the Responsibility of Medical Professionals. Medical certificates and medical expert opinion/reports. Obligation to provide medical assistance. Informed Consent. Confidentiality in medical practice. Liability for medical malpractice. Civil – Criminal – Disciplinary Responsibility in medical practice. The responsibility held by the medical doctor in regional Health Care Units and the medical resident. Brain death – Transplantations. Euthanasia. Medically assisted reproduction. Experiments in medicine. The rights of the hospital patient. The Code of Medical Ethics.

Teaching method and Learning Outcomes: The lecture introduces the student to the legal duties and the rights of medical professionals as well as the rights and the obligations of the patients. In addition, the module's scope is to raise various issues concerning the criminal and civil responsibility of medical doctors in the context of medical practice.

Ηours of training per student: 26

From the 7th Semester