University of Ioannina, PC 45110, Greece
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Course objective: The course aims in inspiring students on how physical principles and laws are applied on the technology developed in the field of diagnosis and treatment.

Course Syllabus: Electromagnetic Radiation: Fundamentals. Non-ionizing radiation: Spectral analysis, Basic radio theory (generation, transmission, transfer), applications. Optoelectronics: Basic knowledge, Optoelectronic devices, Signal transmission through optical fibers applications. Biomaterials: Historical review, the role of biomaterials in medicine and applications (dental, cardiovascular protheses, plastic surgery, biological membranes). Nanotechnology: Medical Applications: Medical Diagnostics, Controlled drug delivery, Regenerative medicine, Smart devices of nanotechnology. Biosensors: Principles, Biosensors ranking (biological, enzymatic, photonic), Applications (glucose monitoring, detecting pathogens, detection of toxic metabolites). Protocol for the control of electrical safety in electromedical equipment: Fundamentals of electrical safety, Categories of electric Medical devices, Measurement parameters, Control conditions.

Laboratory demonstrations: non-ionizing radiation spectrum and field measurement.

Forms of teaching: Class lectures, laboratory demonstrations, projects.

Hours of training per student: 28

Semester: 5th