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Object: Studying the properties of dependence-producing substances offers the students a reliable and valid knowledge, on a subject that is almost certain that they will come across one way or the other during their professional career.

Content: The students are thought all basic knowledge on the dependence-producing substances during the lectures of «Pharmacology I», because dependence is basically considered a serious side-effect. In 1981, the elective subject «Drugs of Abuse» was added to the syllabus of the Ioannina Medical School, after a relevant demand of the students themselves. This coincided with the growing concern of the Greek public on a social phenomenon which at that time seemed to expand beyond the traditional subculture of certain marginal groups of population.

Teaching was planned from the very beginning on a modern basis, in order to reallocate the whole «problem» on a realistic and scientifically solid basis.

The lectures are focusing on:

  • Opium alkaloids
  • Ethyl alcohol and other Sedatives
  • Amphetamines and Cocaine
  • Cannabinoids
  • Nicotine, and
  • LSD and other Hallucinogens.

Apart from the lectures, students have the opportunity to see and discuss several movies, which are related with the problem of drug dependence (alcoholism, cocaine addiction, heroine addiction etc).

Teaching Methods and Outcomes: Due to the nature of the subject and because of its apparent social impact, students are encouraged to confront and argue on all drugs of abuse, in terms of commonly encountered questions among the public. The lectures are mostly planned to give the basis of these discussions. Students are given several questions before hand, so that they may think every possible answer and may also prepare a set of satisfactory arguments on each question.

By discussing all these topics, the students are becoming very competent to encounter all relevant questions later in their scientific and professional life as physicians.

Hours of training per student: 26

From the 5th Semester