University of Ioannina, PC 45110, Greece
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Course objectives: Introduction to the basic Systemic theory and study of biological functions with system relations. Examples indicating the application of systemic theory in Physiology.

Course content: Introduction to systematic theory-Introduction to the theory of biological systems- Informatics in system theory-introduction to Cybernatics-Introduction to Chaos theory and Fractal geometry-Chaotic systems in biological organisms-Thermodynamics and biological systems-Cell as a biologic system-Cybernatics in Human Physiology-Systemic approach of endocrine system-Cybernatics inn the regulation of hormone secretions-Systemic approach of renal function-Systemic approach of regulation of Hypertension.

Teaching Methods and Outcomes: Teaching with basic introductive lectures and presentations of students' work. The above combination facilitates the understanding of the basic functional rules which governs the biological systems.

Hours of training per Student: 26

Semester: 4th