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Objective of the subject: Understanding Molecular Biology Technology used as a tool in Modern Medicine.

Content of the subject: The Biochemical Methodologies involved in understanding the molecular basis of disease are analyzed. The course is organized along five individual strings, able to accommodate max 20 students each. 1) General subjects and concepts about the Human Genome Project, 2) From Neuron to Brain, 3) Metabolism, Food – Energy – Mood, 4) Biological Clocks and Biorythms, 5) Mechanisms of Regeneration and Repair. Students have to present a weekly given talk both orally and written, as an abstract of 50 words, complete with references. Simultaneously they are exposed to a number of research seminars from members of staff, post graduates, post- docs and external collaborators live or through SKYPE.

Members form the following laboratories, research groups, and clinics have already contributed to the multi-disciplinary task of the course: Embryology – Pharmacology – Paediatrics – Biology – Biological Chemistry – Bioinfromatics – Clinical Biochemistry – Obstetrics and Gynecology – Nephrology – Pulmonary – Hematology – Endocrinology – Toxicology – Cardiology – Pathology – Microbiology – Gastroenterology – as well as the Faculty of Biological Applications and the Faculties of Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Material Sciences.

Students are evaluated based on their weekly performance (content, presentation skills, timing) as well as the final analysis of a current research paper (15 min Power Point)

Form and outcome of the tuition: Seminars and presentations of research projects as well as round table discussions and students tasks are stored in the e-course site provided by the University and are open to students and visitors. An English version of our site is expected to be available soon. This material is used as basic recourse of information for every year of incoming students.

The goal of the course is to expose the students to the multidisciplinary technology used in Medicine, as well as εnable them to seek and evaluate information while training in team approach. Good working English are considered essential and the final presentations are οpen to the public.

Hours of training per student: 26

Semester: 4th