Dourouti University Campus, PC 45110, Ioannina, Geeece
+30 26510 07436
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Aiming for excellence in teaching, research and clinical practice

batistatou2We welcome you to the Faculty of Medicine of the School of Health Sciences at the University of Ioannina, founded in 1977. After nearly half a century, we now constitute a highly recognised Faculty of Medicine both in Greece and abroad, with 42 clinics and labs, 151 Professors, 33 members of teaching fellows and technical staff, 11 members of administrative staff, 1378 undergraduate students and 829 postgraduate students in our MSc and PhD programmes.

Our stated objective over time has always been the promotion of innovation, the advancement of knowledge through research and the development of our students’ comprehensive knowledge with critical understanding, synthetic thinking and specific skills, in an effort to equip them adequately for their future scientific/professional career and social recognition. Most notably, all the above is practised in accordance with the required scientific ethical standards in a high quality academic environment.

Our Faculty’s Members of Academic Staff, with a proven scientific expertise, deliver excellent teaching programmes and education as a whole, both at an undergraduate and a postgraduate level, and are well-known for their internationally recognised research activity, delivering high standard healthcare services. Additionally, the infrastructure of the University Campus, lying in the vicinity of the Ioannina University Hospital, the largest in north-western Greece, ensures our students’ excellent scientific training, so that they gradually mature into doctors who understand the pathogenesis, onset and appropriate therapeutic interventions of diseases. In doing so, our future doctors are qualified not only to follow the international research developments with regard to medical care but, most importantly, to make a significant contribution to their advancement.

All the aforementioned is proven by the fact that our Faculty of Medicine is ranked constantly high in international rankings, has numerous international collaborations with recognised institutions in Europe, the U.S.A. and Asia and participates actively in a multitude of research programmes and clinical studies. Overall, our outstanding performance is evidenced by nothing less than our graduates’ remarkable career in the Hellenic as well as in the international scientific fields.


Welcome to our Faculty of Medicine

Professor Anna Batistatou
Head of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ioannina

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ioannina is ranked 1st among all Medical Schools in Greek Tertiary Education, according to the University of Leiden Ranking (the Netherlands). The 2014 Leiden Ranking assesses the scientific performance of 750 major universities worldwide.

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